Oasis Windows - About Us

Founded in 1989, Oasis Windows (Canada) Inc. (formerly known as Oasis Windows Ltd.) with an international reputation for quality and service is located in beautiful city of Surrey, BC Canada. We have earned this distinction through our commitment to our customers and a competitive edge in terms of cost and quality of our products. We simply provide the right product at the right price for every room throughout your home.

Furthermore, the topic of climate change is uppermost in many people’s minds and is in the news on a regular basis. A growing number of people and many scientists worldwide believe that the earth is warming due to human generation of “greenhouse” gases. This belief may or may not be scientifically conclusive, but the potential consequences of climate change are projected to be so severe that the argument in favor of limiting “greenhouse” gas emissions is compelling.

Yet few are aware of how much energy-efficient windows can do to help. They can significantly reduce energy consumption in both hot and cold climates. In fact, the energy saved by Oasis "Energy Efficient" windows certainly contributes towards our green future.