Glass Options

Oasis Windows is committed to create glass that fortifies the natural insulating qualities of Vinyl. With frequently tested technologies, we're able to produce windows that minimize heat loss and eliminate infiltration of air, noise and moisture, regardless of climate. That's why we offer a good number of glass types and options.

The following videos demonstrate the benefits of having Neat Glass and Preserve® protective film.


Best sealed unit in the industry

Cardinal IG - XL Edge Simulation Model

The following thermal conductivity values are used when modeling XL Edge.

  • Silicone: 0.202 BTU/hr-ft-F
  • PIB: 0.116 BTU/hr-ft-F
  • Desiccant: 0.017 BTU/hr-ft-F
  • Stainless Steel: 9.822 BTU/hr-ft-F

Keff - the effective thermal conductivity of the edge seal system (Keff ) is recently being referenced more often within the industry. For a ½” XL Edge airspace, the overall edge sealed Keff is 0.37 W/mK. Keff is dependant on air space with, but generally ½” airspaces are used for this calculation.