Replacement Windows - 307 Slider Series

Sliding sash opens horizontally or vertically, allowing for easy operation - an ideal choice for difficult to-reach places. The Auto-Lock feature which automatically locks the window when closed makes it more secure. Simplicity and durability and multi-lite configuration (slider and fixed) makes them a perfect choice for modernistic era.

Compleate Handing
Feature Description Vertical Slider Horizontal Slider Picture
Material High impact PVC itered and quad, heat welded. Available in White, Beige or Custom Color. YES YES YES
Glaze 3.1 mm / LoE2-270 / 13.0 ARGON / 3.1mm Clear 19.2mm IG 19.2mm IG 19.2mm IG
Protective Film Protective window film - both sides YES YES YES
Spacer Stainless Steel - Cardinal XL Edge (SS) YES YES YES
U Value The lower the number, the more energy efficient the product. 1.67 1.67 1.55
SHGC Solar Heat Gain Coefficient – The higher the number, the higher the solar gain. 0.29 0.29 0.30
ER Energy Rating – The higher the number, the more energy efficient the product. 19 19 23
Energy Zone Zone A is the mildest and Zone D is the coldest region. A B C A B C A B C
Warranty Best in the industry 20 Year 20 Year 20 Year
Testing 99% + of passing the B3 tests Min A3 B3 C3 Min A3 B3 C3 Min A3 B3 C3

Replacement Windows - 5000 Casement Series

The Oasis casement windows are most energy-efficient windows those provide excellent ventilation and close tightly against harsh weather with minimum air leakage and infiltration. They are easy to clean, smooth and secure in operation with wide opening allows you enjoy the view all year round.

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