Windows Installation Guide (For New Construction)

Oasis windows must be installed level, plumb, square and weather-tight in their openings. Improper installation is the greatest cause of malfunction for windows and sliding glass doors. Install per standard A440.4-98.

Installation( As per standard A440.4.98)

  1. Window must be installed in a weather-tight manner.
  2. Close and lock window and door sliding panels.
  3. Cut four building paper stripes 6" extending in either side of the rough openings. First fasten sill paper to sill plate, then apply paper over jambs overlapping the sill paper and finally apply paper with the staples on large head nails.
  4. Place a full-length shim on a straight sill located flush with the outside sheating.
  5. Headers must not be nailed. You may place a finishing nail 1/2" above fin and bend it over the fin to allow for header deflection.
  6. Caulk flashing over nail fin at jamb and head of a window. DOOR: Liberally caulk under sill for sealing out water. Seal all screw ports.
  7. Install level, plumb and square with a 1/4" clearance on all window sides and 1/4" clearance on jambs and header of the Patio Door.
  8. Check window operation and check sash alignment on slider windows or Patio Doors.
  9. Nail Placement shall be no closer than 3" and no farther than 8" from the corner. The remainder of the nails should be 8" on the center. Do not overdrive or countersink the nail heads.
  10. Remove wet plaster, mortar, stucco and cement immediately.
  11. Do not use expand foam around vinyl units. This will bow the frame and windows will not work properly.
  12. Keep siding 1/8" back from vinyl frame. Caulk gap. When using stucco exterior, allow 3/8" clearance at the top between stucco and frame, then fill with flexible material.

Oasis manufacturing assumes no responsibility for improper installation unless installed by Oasis Windows' installation team.

Oasis Vinyl Windows & Doors Additional instructions

  1. Store in shaded area on flat base. Do not lean against a corner.
  2. Do not drop or strike with a hammer.
  3. Do not lift by top of frame only.
  4. Protect the vinyl sill from traffic and damage. Provide FULL support under door sill.


You will damage the finish or sealed glass unit. If you use solvents, petroleum products or caustic chemicals, such as acetone or paint thinner to clean window or door frames. The application of any film or applied tinting treatment to an insulated glass unit may cause failure and voids Oasis Guarantee.