Care & Maintenance

Thanks for choosing Oasis Windows. Our windows and doors are known for reliable quality while designed for beauty and convenience. Oasis is careful to select only the finest materials and cutting edge technology. We feel it is our responsibility to tell you why, when and how to care for your new product to keep them looking beautiful and operating smoothly for years to come. With just a little routine care and cleaning, you can ensure your windows and doors will continue to perform their best while looking great.

Cleaning Glass Surfaces

Use mild detergents or approved glass cleaners to clean the glass surface of Oasis products. Try to avoid cleansers that leave a film or residue on the glass after cleaning. To clean exterior glass surfaces of your Oasis window or patio door, simply rinse with warm water and wipe dry with a soft cloth. Do not use cleaners containing ammonia or abrasive cleaners and avoid dripping any cleaner on the hardware or vinyl surface.

Cleaning Drainage Systems

Highly effective weep systems have been engineered into all Oasis window products to allow for water drainage. Please keep weepholes clean and clear so that water drains to the outside as designed. To ensure proper operation, keep the sill of your windows free of dust and periodically clean your weepholes with a small soft bottlebrush.

Cleaning Vinyl Surfaces

Airborne contaminants and dirt should also be removed from the vinyl frames and sashes of your windows periodically. The vinyl surfaces of your window and door can be cleaned with a mild solution of soap and water. Use a soft rag, cloth or sponge and merely wipe away any accumulated dirt or debris. For heavier deposits, the soap and water solution may be substituted with any commercially available non-abrasive cleanser such as premium-grade vinyl cleans. Do not use solvents, paint removers, petroleum-based cleaners or caustic chemicals as they may chemically react with the vinyl material and cause deterioration or decay of the window components. Do not use abrasive particles, steel wool, or abrasive pads and brushes. They may scratch and mark the surface leaving a dull textured finish.

Cleaning Screens

To clean Oasis screens, simply hose them off with water. Do not use aerosol cleaning agents on screens, as certain propellants in the cleaners can cause damage to the molded corner parts.

Regular Minimum Care Chart

Undertaking Semi-Annual Annual Every 3-5 Years
Cleaning window tracks X
Cleaning exterior vinyl X
Cleaning patio door tracks X
Cleaning glass surfaces X
Cleaning drainholes X

NOTE: Interval relative to the amount of exposure and environmental factor(s)